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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 22:53
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Today, using company website promotes business is commonly used as one of the internet marketing tools, choosing a suitable content management system (CMS) is important. The CMS can save your time and no need advance technical skill to manage, e.g. you can ask your reception to update your e-business site. A popular system maybe easy to manage, lower training and management fee, a cheaper development and customized cost. However, difference CMS have their characteristic, such as Wordpress is remarkable for blogging and traditionally Magento is commercial based.

Content management systems are web-based applications for creating and managing the content of a website. We include all such systems in this category, also systems that are often classified as wikis, blog engines or discussion boards. You may aware there are 4 major CMS on the market right now. Wordpress is leading the content management system market share of 60.4%, Joomla at 7.2%, drupal at 5.1%, Magento at 2.8% and the rest of thousands of them. (3wtech)

WordPress is by far the easiest of the popular content management systems to use and perfect for anybody looking to run a blog or a blog/website combination. Adding posts, pages, images and other types of content is very easy and the technology behind it is very simple. Top sites are using Wordpress including Ebay, Yahoo, Ford, Sony, Playstation, Samsung, Pole and Many More

Drupal system itself provides a clean look with many high quality modules making it easy to build a website and manage your content. It’s built for high performance with built-in caching, scalable databases and InnoDB default. You can even integrate many third party applications with SOAP, REST and JSON.

Joomla will give you a powerful interface that’s pretty easy for the user. It’s designed for easy management of a large amount of articles, as well. Additionally, Joomla hosting is very popular and it’s easy to find a cost efficient web hosting company that supports Joomla.

Magento provides plenty of features and it’s an open-source eCommerce solution with all kinds of flexibility. You’re the one in control with this eCommerce solution and you can change the look, content and how it functions. The way Magento is set up makes it easy to use it for search engine optimization and you can even use it as a catalog-management tool.

The debate between WordPress and other CMS is very small, apart from Wordpress, the rest of CMS has its place in the market, although very small compare to Wordpress. If there is no different to you, and you would like to build or upgrade a website. Seedready Business Development team can build a site with advance technology and skills to help you open another level of the internet channel.

Contact us, if you need any help.

Seedready (Singapore)

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  • Wow very surpised about the agreement!
    Wow very surpised about the agreement!
    Robert I gotta say I love this agreement and their creative proposal. Honestly, it is overall better than another business service companies, specially the ideas in proposal are billions.

    I also like the way of business project specifications presents, it really lead us to understand in different ways and entertaining.

    Robert from Glunt Group PL

  • Amazing design and support. Thank You!
    Amazing design and support. Thank You!
    JaneThis was an absolutely amazing experience for us! Thank you so much for supporting our ideas. Oops! Maybe call them concepts or dreams. We move forward our business further.

    With their business analysis services, they're really helpful and save us a lot time on decision making.

    Jane From J&F Lawyer Crop.

  • Couldn't believe how good this is!!
    Couldn't believe how good this is!!
    JohnSeedready is a new company, we have never expected they can suggest such well organised Marketing action plan and accurate Marketing result estimation, which pushes our sale effiectivly without any additional resources.

    I do suggest and recommend Seedready to you.

    Steve From P.P.S. Trading

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