Business Insights & Reviews - Seedready (Singapore)
Business Insights & Reviews - Seedready (Singapore)
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Setup an online store is easy, but extend it into social media channel or search engine has different way. Magento, Woocommerce and Opencart is the most commonly used platform for setup online store in few clicks. This article is going to take a look at their flexibility in different Marketing platforms.

Briefly, since e-business is a booming field, e-business tools are in high demand. Magento, Woocommerce and Opencart owns more than 60% of the being known market. Magento is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is aimed for high-end eCommerce stores, though it has by now grown to a stature higher than that of OpenCart. OpenCart is a pretty simple eCommerce tool that can manage the needs and requirements of basic and advanced stores alike. WooCommerce is relatively young as compared to OpenCart or Magento, managing a WooCommerce store is not difficult by any standards.

Start from the youngest - WooCommerce, which firstly has SendinBlue is an email Marketing software that let you easily manage your email Marketing campaigns, transactional emails and SMS messages, all in one simple and powerful platform. Then, StoreYa is a leading Social commerce platform designed for automatically importing web stores onto Facebook, having them fully customized to fit both the Facebook arena and the original brand's look & feel.

Magneto and OpenCart is not SEO friendly, caching and SEO functions require extensions. And it is a "yes" that you can buy any extension from their store, the only different to WooCommerce is most of the extensions are NOT FREE, you need to prepare your credit card to do a purchase. In OpenCart, there are Google Marketing Tools - Analytics, Dynamic remarketing, SEO, Facebook Store Pro - OC2.x, and Campaign Manager (Email, SMS & Notification). On the other hand, in Magento, we suggest ChannelPilot, Unirgy_Giftcert, and Email ― Follow Up Email

Connecting to other sales platform or e-maket place is a standard today. Magento, Woocommerce and Opencart has the ability to do so, such as ebay, amazon, facebook, and more. As a result, if you are consider a cheaper solutions, you can go to woocommerce, if you have more budget, we suggest Magneto and OpenCart. And Magento branded as an enterprise products.

If you do not have time, you can contact us, we can assist your development.

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Today, using company website promotes business is commonly used as one of the internet marketing tools, choosing a suitable content management system (CMS) is important. The CMS can save your time and no need advance technical skill to manage, e.g. you can ask your reception to update your e-business site. A popular system maybe easy to manage, lower training and management fee, a cheaper development and customized cost. However, difference CMS have their characteristic, such as Wordpress is remarkable for blogging and traditionally Magento is commercial based.

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  • Wow very surpised about the agreement!
    Wow very surpised about the agreement!
    Robert I gotta say I love this agreement and their creative proposal. Honestly, it is overall better than another business service companies, specially the ideas in proposal are billions.

    I also like the way of business project specifications presents, it really lead us to understand in different ways and entertaining.

    Robert from Glunt Group PL

  • Amazing design and support. Thank You!
    Amazing design and support. Thank You!
    JaneThis was an absolutely amazing experience for us! Thank you so much for supporting our ideas. Oops! Maybe call them concepts or dreams. We move forward our business further.

    With their business analysis services, they're really helpful and save us a lot time on decision making.

    Jane From J&F Lawyer Crop.

  • Couldn't believe how good this is!!
    Couldn't believe how good this is!!
    JohnSeedready is a new company, we have never expected they can suggest such well organised Marketing action plan and accurate Marketing result estimation, which pushes our sale effiectivly without any additional resources.

    I do suggest and recommend Seedready to you.

    Steve From P.P.S. Trading

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