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Change of TV Channel Advertising in Hong Kong

Tuesday, 07 April 2015 15:45
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Change Of TV Channel Advertising in Hong Kong
Image Source:, the closing down TV channel ATV

Recently there is a TV licensing hot topic in HongKong - ATV. Some people said this issue may lower down the cost of TV advertising in the region - Mainly for Guangdong region. TV Channel Advertising is one of the traditional and popular message distribution channels. TV channels are different to our internet channel such as youtube, facebook video, vine and tudo, etc. - TV Ad. is not free.

Today, ATV licence not renewed (Asia TV Channel) due to a drop in advertising revenue and its long-drawn battle to convince the government to allow it to continue broadcasting. On the other hand, Hong Kong Television Entertainment Company has been granted a 12-year domestic free television programme service licence to Hong Kong Television Entertainment Company today. The licence will take immediate effect and the company will launch a round-the-clock integrated Cantonese channel within 12 months and a 16-hour English channel within 24 months. YES, this is one of the factors, why TV advertisements are so expensive.

Typically, TV Ad. agents will do the following for you:

  1. Create a Good Offer.
  2. Write and Produce a Selling Commercial.
  3. Get Competitive Rates.
  4. Buy the Best Commercial Time.
  5. Track Results.
  6. Insulate You From Media Salespeople.

However, TV channels popularity are dropping due to there are many new pop-up channels are created by ICT - online or internet channel is called in general. TV is playing the radio over the open air without internet access, and it is one way presentation. However, a web 3.0 is coming and many internet TV is base on between web 1.5 to web 2.0, which is more interactive than traditional TV. And most importantly, people have internet access everywhere in Hong Kong.

The question is that should we give up the TV channel advertising? Honestly, TV channel has its value to delivery message to general public, business need to think about the marketing strategy and the ROI from this channel - the latest ad. offer from the most popular TV channel in  HONG KONG - TVB advertising package is from HKD 280K up. Last thing, the value of TV advertising is dropping due to fewer people is watching. We don’t have the survey yet, but in general, people holding their phone more than stay in front of the TV-BOX today, and this trend is increasing.

If you wanna know more about TV ad. in this area, please contact us.

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  • Wow very surpised about the agreement!
    Wow very surpised about the agreement!
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    I also like the way of business project specifications presents, it really lead us to understand in different ways and entertaining.

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  • Amazing design and support. Thank You!
    Amazing design and support. Thank You!
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    With their business analysis services, they're really helpful and save us a lot time on decision making.

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  • Couldn't believe how good this is!!
    Couldn't believe how good this is!!
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