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Working Hours | Please find our operations details below

Seedready Hong Kong’s business hour is 9 AM through 6 PM UTC +8:00 from Monday to Friday, except Hong Kong public holidays and company annual breaks.

Our daily operations loadings are heavy in Hong Kong and within the regions. Please send us your general interests, business contact or requests, which starts to open us business opportunities.

Customer Testimonials | This is a business development

  • Wow very surpised about the agreement!
    Wow very surpised about the agreement!
    Robert I gotta say I love this agreement and their creative proposal. Honestly, it is overall better than another business service companies, specially the ideas in proposal are billions.

    I also like the way of business project specifications presents, it really lead us to understand in different ways and entertaining.

    Robert from Glunt Group PL

  • Amazing design and support. Thank You!
    Amazing design and support. Thank You!
    JaneThis was an absolutely amazing experience for us! Thank you so much for supporting our ideas. Oops! Maybe call them concepts or dreams. We move forward our business further.

    With their business analysis services, they're really helpful and save us a lot time on decision making.

    Jane From J&F Lawyer Crop.

  • Couldn't believe how good this is!!
    Couldn't believe how good this is!!
    JohnSeedready is a new company, we have never expected they can suggest such well organised marketing action plan and accurate marketing result estimation, which pushes our sale effiectivly without any additional resources.

    I do suggest and recommend Seedready to you.

    Steve From P.P.S. Trading

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