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Domain Name Marketing Treasure Hunting Time Comes!

Monday, 18 May 2015 11:50
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seedready (australia) Domain Name Marketing Treasure Hunting Time Comes

There are many noises at the domain name market - new domain extensions, there are some people support and some others against. We have captured some of their points here.

Some people say they have already have an suitable tld (.com) or gtld ( domain name for their clinic, hotel, business, and company etc. the new tld is not necessary and google search engine won't count for new tld extension. And so unclear that the new domain name doesn't look like an official business domain, which more like an hobbit or topic driven name. Simply say, it is over rated.

Others say the new gtld extensions have not been identically confirmed its position yet in search engine and people's understanding; in addition it has a higher potential to be the same level of TLD. There are a few reasons to support that. First the new extension can be a service, a group and topic catalog; alternatively it can be represented a range or an industry. On the other hand, if business focus on search engine channels, old domain name level (top level .com, 2nd level cctld, third level .location, forth level .New TLD Extension) is not the first priority to be concerned, seo is more about the rich and relevant content, visitor experience and interaction, and social media's connections. 

Apart from the arguments, the fact shows the trend - sales of new extension is increasing and we have mentioned this in our previous article. And this is the treasure hunt time, the following list is the treasure of domain extension, they have been released but they are not yet started sales, you can seize your chance.

List of New Released Extension
































































































































































































































































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Picture Source: From Godaddy Sydney - one of the popular global domain name registers and reseller

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